How do people with dyslexia see?

Letter Rotation: most common with d / p and b / q.





Letter Mirroring: occurs most with d / b and p / q.





Reversing Word Lettering: most common occurrence with "saw" and "was".


Letter Confusion: difficulty differentiating between similar looking letterforms. Type a letter to see the possibilities.


Dyslexic people have enhanced spatial awareness, they think three-dimensionally. Reading is easier when letterforms are 3-D.


DECODING: Reading with Dyslexia

Dyslexic people tend to have a hard time differentiating between individual letters and groups of letters, and punctuation is frequently overlooked. In the nonsensical sentences below some letters are changing to similar looking alternatives, punctuation is omitted, and the letter spacing is affected.

In the grey text box below, decode the sentence to the right.

The rate contributes the abrasive wood. The political process automates the river. The reaction found off the approval splat.

If you are having difficulty, press enter to make the text three-dimensional.