Imagery, typography and instrumental music were integrated to promote the release of an album.

Artist: SizzleBird Album: Mist Song: Leaves


Creation: Based on an instrumental song, three descriptive words were chosen that are associated to the music. Twenty-four visual images were created for each of the three chosen words, eight made by hand, eight made on the computer, and eight made by photographic means. This mind map was created to help discover the three discriptive words while listening to the song.

Descriptive Words: Melodic, Layered, Playful

       - Melodic: smooth, blissful, relaxing, harmonious
       - Layered: builds up, winds down, violin and electronic
       - Playful: adventurous, motivating, upbeat, positive vibes

Storyboard: Images were created with the intention of being combined and compiled into a 20-30 second animation that advertised the album’s release. A storyboard was created with the intention of building up a feeling for the song and pairing it with text. The visuals and animation will drive the experience of the song. The storyboard demonstrates the sequence of images and possible transitions between images. The song clip has three sections that align with the three descriptive words: melodic, layered, playful.

Animation: When starting to think about how to animate it was important to think about how to immerse the viewer in the environment of the song and then slowly reveal the information. As the animation evolved, radical editing started to take place and the storyboard became more refined. Images were taken out to accommodate for slower transitions and fewer animations. The first frame became longer and transitions became much more seamless. The verbiage and text animation were refined to match the feeling the song evoked.