Animation created to promote a location in St. Louis, conveying the essence and feel of the space.

Artist: Citi Song: Roller Disco


Project Goal: Communicate the experience of a specific location.

Location: St. Lous Skatium (a rollerskating rink in St. Louis, MO)

Site Visit Notes:
       - 70's aesthetic
       - Good Music
       - Themed Nights and Events
       - Neon Lights
       - Bright Colors
       - Retro Vibe

Site Visit Pictures: This seemingly empty space transformes into a groovy 70's roller disco rink during themed events held at this location. The animation aims to advertise these events by capturing and visualizing the experience of skating back to the 70's.

70's Roller Skating Inspiration:

Exploration of 70's Typography:

Verbiage and Typeface Exploration: Verbiage and typefaces were inspired by the 70’s type exploration shown above. Textual language relevant to the time was found in 70’s magazines, promotional materials, and online sources.

Carpet Inspiration: Extremely unique to roller skating, roller rink carpets with their bright, patterned, and tacky aesthetic provide a perfect backdrop for the mainly typographic animation.

The animation was able to capture the vibe of the era. The typography calls back to the 70’s and it is silly to watch an advertisement that features carpet :)